A Slice of Dearborn History: Miller’s Bar Burgers

In 1941, George Miller threw open the doors to what would become a local legend – a humble “shot-and-a-beer bar” on Michigan Avenue. But it wasn’t until his nephews Dennis and Mark Miller stepped in that the real magic happened. Under the watchful eye of their father Russ, they introduced the burgers that would put Miller’s Bar on the map, earning worldwide fame for a no frills, no fuss burger.

When you step into Miller’s Bar, you’re stepping into a tradition that spans generations. Our burgers are the stuff of legend – 7 ounces of fresh (never frozen) ground round that is custom ground and pattied to our exact specifications every morning.  Every Miller’s Burger is made to order on our grill that can sizzle up to 30 burgers at once, so we’re always serving up a meal that hits the spot. But it’s not just the flavor that keeps our patrons coming back for more. Here at Miller’s Bar you’re not just a customer – you’re family. Some of our regulars have been with us so long, we’ve got their order cooking before they even take a seat. And what’s the go-to order? A classic cheeseburger, fries and a pop – a combination that never fails.

Miller’s Bar is a place where families gather, where colleagues catch up over lunch and where friends swap stories over a hearty meal. From Red Wings to Tigers, Lions and Pistons, politicians and even the occasional Hollywood star like Tom Selleck, we’ve welcomed them all. And for those who’ve moved away, a visit to Miller’s Bar is a pilgrimage – a taste of home that’s their first stop from the airport and the last before hitting the road again.

So join us at Miller’s Bar for a taste of tradition, a dash of nostalgia and a burger experience like no other. You’re not just dining with us – you’re becoming part of our story.

Ask any longtime Detroiter where to get a great burger,
and they’ll most likely send you to Miller’s Bar in Dearborn.

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